Everybody Wang Chung tonight

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 2, 1987

east end boys west end girls. Yes I did buy the Pet Shop Boys CD even though I don’t even have a CD player yet. I was THAT sure I’d get one for my birthday. I told Dad to drop the hint to Grandma June and Grandpa Bob because they always buy me something big.

Janice said if I got the player, she would most definitely buy the Mr. Mister CD (whatever) (she walks around all day singing TAKE … these broken wings. So I guess it would’ve been better than hearing her sing it).

Anyway. The box looked like the right size but when I ripped the bow off and opened it, there’s this plastic RECORD PLAYER and a flaming hot poker of pain ripped my brain in two.

Grandma June says they remembered how much I loved the Fonz. Did she happen to realize the key word in that statement was LOVED, as in the past tense, as in that was TEN FULL YEARS AGO!!!

She said they saw it in a little store with “high-end used treasures” and it “cost a pretty penny” but they figured I have a lot of RECORDS already plus it’s portable and they could just see me taking it to PARTIES.

Yay. I’ll walk in and say, does anybody at this PARTY have the new Wang Chung on vinyl, because look what I’ve brought — my FONZ record player!


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/44124372363@N01/1877079444

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