‘Hall Pass’

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 22, 2011

saw a tv commercial for the new movie “Hall Pass.” Looks like it’s about these women who decide to let their husbands go out and have a little time off from marriage and do whatever they want to do. It reminded me of something that happened once with Barry. So I looked around in my diary from back then and found this page:

July 19, 1986

Got home from vacation. Turned out ok, but Barry was too quiet at first. Ever since we got engaged, he’s been acting funny. Having doubts maybe.

Every time we were on the beach, he kept ogling teenage girls in bikinis. I didn’t say anything till he actually started sighing. Then I came straight out and asked him if he was regretting being tied down. He said “Not really” which wasn’t exactly the answer I was looking for.

So I made the offer. I said, straight out, I’d meet him back at that very spot in 24 hours. Whatever he did between now and then, no questions asked. He said, “Yeah, right.” When he saw I was serious, he kind of laughed. Nervously. Then he said he didn’t have any money to sleep somewhere so I handed him half of what was in my purse. Kept asking me if this was a test and I said no, we’ll never talk about it again after tomorrow. He looked like he was about to walk away but then he said “Wait. What are you going to do?” I smiled and said “Hey, I said no questions asked.” But then he wasn’t smiling any more. He said, “Oh.”

And that was the end of it. We had a nice dinner and slow danced at a small club and he’s been fine ever since.

So I don’t have to see the movie. I invented the hall pass. And sure we broke up later, but that had more to do with the


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  1. The relationship pages always bother me…go figure

    • I guess you’ve had it easy in that department, and you don’t know what the rest of us go through. :)

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