‘I can make you ice cream’

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 12, 2006

so hot that if i just held the ice cream cone out long enough for him to take a picture it was already dripping on my hands. but i didnt care about sticky fingers cuz it felt so good to have something cold on my skin.

jackie had spent all his money the day before and was begging to lick the cold ice cream off my hands. I even let him do it for a while but people were staring so i said quit it.

shouldnta let his tongue come in contact with my skin because then he was following me around even more than usual and just before i finished that big cone he starts dancing around and singing (loud) that song by the New Young Pony Club:

I can give you what you want.
I can make your heart beat short.
I can make you ice cream
We could be a sweet team

as if he hadnt embarrassed me enough for one day


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Grandma on a speedboat

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 26, 1972

took one look at the old photo and I said, ‘Hey Gramma don’t look so happy will ya?’

She said, ‘well they dragged me out in the boat that day when they previously told me we were just going to have a birthday picnic for Pastor Williams and when I found out they were giving me a ride on an outboard motorboat I said ‘Lemme at least go home and put on some pedal pusher slacks and get a scarf since I just got my hair done yesterday morning and I want it to still look nice for church tomorrow’ but they didn’t want to take me over home and I don’t mind saying that I was hopping mad.’

I saw her try to sneak in the kitchen with that photograph but I followed her and she was going to rip it and I talked her out of it. I said she looked like she was stylish because I know she likes that word and she said, ‘yes I did have my hair short before other 45 year old women around here were doing it but there must be a better picture of my hair with me smiling and sitting up straight and not wondering if I should wear that life preserver pillow on my arms since this old boat could tip over at any second.’

I distracted her by asking about how come she was the only one who could make good pie crust and pretty soon she set the snapshot down to show me about the rolling pin so I picked up that picture and rescued it into my jeans pocket.


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Please live here and eat homemade bread

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 26, 1992

after that happened, I’d begun thinking my luck had gone from bad to worse.

Then I got that letter from Cam, saying his friends were going to Japan for a year and looking for a responsible person to housesit their houseboat. Cam said they used the phrase “non-partying” and I was the first person he thought of, which at first I thought made me sound ultra-completely-dull, but then I saw a picture of the houseboat and I was glad to be thought of as dull because the houseboat is       to     die       for.

So then I leave blizzard country and drive all day arrive at the houseboat (surprise, it’s even better on the inside) and I was only there 24 hours before the lady from the big yellow house brings me a loaf of bread covered with poppy seeds. She said she saw me moving my stuff in and she knew right away I’d be the type who could really appreciate homemade bread (and she was right and I got some butter and ate some right in front of her to prove it). She said she bakes bread about every 3 days and always ends up with too much, so I’d probably be seeing her again in 3 or 6 days.

I guess it’s really true that I’m on a schedule when every time I have a dark dismal year then I get paid back with a divine streak of good luck.


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