Charles Nelson Reilly

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 2, 1973

wouldn’t drive me to the shopping center.

Yeah ma, you might go mentally insane if you miss The Match Game for one day. Can’t get enough of Charles Nelson Reilly. If that show ever goes off the air (which I doubt could happen) my mother will fall apart.

I said “Mom, you know Charles Nelson Reilly is gay. Right?” and she said “no, you’re thinking of Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares.” OK mom.

Then I asked her if she knew my friend Willie is gay, and she said, “I know you’re telling me that just so I’ll let you two do homework in your bedroom with the door closed.” I said he really is gay, which he is, and she said “No. He looks like one of those boys on your favorite show.”

What favorite show? I don’t even like TV all that much.

Oh oh oh. She must mean Mod Squad. I do like that show.


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