Handwritten page of a diary dated March 25, 1961

kept asking me about gravity. I said is this for a school project? Because I’m not doing your homework for you.

But he said no, he was just interested in gravity. I said you did get a children’s encyclopedia for Christmas which I guess he had forgotten, so he said mom usually reaches up to get it off the shelf so I got it down for him and he started reading it and I went back to my telephone call.

Then later last night after he went to bed I was on the telephone again (ha ha, yes, talking to Barbara) and I heard in my other ear a piercing scream. I go running up the steps thinking the boogieman was kidnapping him but gol, all it was was was a nightmare.

I asked him what the dream was about and he said something about the rapid spinning of the earth would throw everything off into space. Wonder where he got a dopey idea like that.


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