Clown Motel

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 25, 1999

Is it the Chucky movies? He said no, Chucky was a doll, not a clown.

I said, then tell me what movie had a scary clown … EXCEPT that one scene in Poltergeist, which lasted only about three seconds. If that long.

He said there’s a Stephen King movie named “It” with a clown who kills children, but I’ve never heard of it and I think he might be making that one up.

All I know is I was ready to stop driving and I spotted a perfectly good motel, but nooooooo. He was having a heart attack because it was called the Clown Motel. Now that he can’t drive for a while I think I’m the one who gets to decide when it’s time to stop for the night.

Then the big baby said he needed a nap too, but he would rather sleep in the car than sleep in the Clown Motel. I said “Good thing you have your pillow.” I went in and took a nap but I left a room key for him because I was sure he’d give in. I woke up hungry for supper and went looking for him and damned if he wasn’t actually sleeping in the boiling hot car.


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  1. Seeing as though they offer a clean minibreakfast, I would probably stop at that motel too. I’m not to sure about petting those ok truckers though. Let them pet themselves.

  2. What was REALLY odd was that the parking lot was almost empty except for this one tiny VW bug… However there were about 60 people at the free breakfast buffet….I wonder if they are all in the same room?

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