My mom and Scott Baio sittin’ in a tree

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 21, 1984

used to make me watch all the afterschool specials on any of the channels. I kept telling her that it wasn’t good for a guy my age to sit too long watching TV because that’s what Bumpy’s mom always tells him — “Go outside and play like a normal kid.” Bumpy used that to get a new basketball hoop that actually has a net on it by telling her that shooting hoops would keep him off the davenport.

So I’d finally had Mom talked out of the stupid rule when she saw in the paper that Scott Baio is starring in an afterschool special called “All the Kids Do It.” She loves Scott Baio which if you ask me is a little weird. She pasted his picture over the big picture she liked of herself as a teenager.

I said the movie will either be about drugs or drinking or premarital sex, they always are and I’ve seen enough movies already to be scared straight for all the teenage years of my next ten lifetimes. She said yes, it is about drinking, BUT IT HAS SCOTT BAIO IN IT.


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