Lost and gone forever

Handwritten page of a diary dated September 27, 2005

just can’t find it. It’s killing me because I’ve looked everywhere.

I remember when I’d lose a toy or a book or something, Mom used to say – “Well it didn’t just get up and walk out of here.” But I think that picture did just get up and walk out of here.

I can NOT ask Freddy to print me another copy of it. Then he’d think I still cared, which, of course, I don’t. I just hate losing things.


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brandelion/4636660303/

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  1. Look in that “Food and Wine” magazine in the rack next to the toilet. I think I used it as a bookmark for the “Salt Encrusted Rack of Lamb” recipe because all of those subscription cards were gone. Sorry…thought you were over him.

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