It’s not a whip

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 22, 1992

so they keep dragging me to Salvation Army stores to look for Halloween costume stuff. Whatever. I’ve known what I’m wearing for quite a while, so I just look at the old books.
Today I spotted a bunch of old sewing patterns wrapped in a rubber band. I see this one that has a blond lady holding a … well, I couldn’t figure out what it was.
Called Justin over and he said those look like strict mistresses and so he thought it was a whip she’s holding. A whip? What’s the round part? I don’t think so.
Nat said it looks like a thing her grandma uses to sift flour. She said you could pour flour through that tube thing and the black can might have a piece of screen on the bottom to stop the clumps of flour from getting into your cake batter.
Amanda said it’s some kind of thing you use to squirt kerosene on a fire. She said look, there’s a big bandage on her arm because she got too close to the fire. But I told her that wasn’t a bandage, it was just where the top layer of the paper was ripped.
Josh wouldn’t even look at the blond woman. He said, Look at the woman with the purple blouse. Nat said, Oh yeah you mean you like her because she has Princess Leia hair? He said, No I like her because you can see she’s not wearing a bra. And that little perv bought the pattern!!!


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