Afraid of a Band-aid

Handwritten page of a diary dated September 1, 1990

SUPPOSEDLY dating some new girl from West High, but we hadn’t even seen her and were starting to wonder if she really existed.

The two of them go on this trip into the city and he comes back with this photo he took while they were waiting for the train.

Most of the guys were all kinda moaning over her great legs except two —

Hunter said if you take a picture of a female from the short skirt on down then you are just objectifying her. We think he said that because Melissa was there at the time and Hunter wanted to sound like a sensitive new age guy.

And Barry. Well Barry was all flipping out because the girl was wearing a Bandaid on her foot (which no one else noticed but him) (he thinks Bandaids are completely gross and ever since we found one floating in the James Park pool last June, he won’t even go swimming with us any more).


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