Two redheads named Ron

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 23, 2001

get a plum spot to watch the parade and it’s a gorgeous day and everything is good until Zeke sees the tear in Ronald McDonald’s arm, and goes berserk. That’s all he talked about for weeks was seeing Ronald. And now this.

It started when he was asking why there aren’t any famous people with red hair. Prince Harry, Ben on the Waltons, Carrot Top, Oapie on Andy Griffith, Bonnie Raitt, Danny Bonaduce, Molly Ringwald, Donna on That 70s Show. Nothing impressed him. Not even Nicole Kidman. He saw a preview of Moulin Rouge and he said she’s pretty, but he’s never heard of her. I finally quieted him down by showing him a picture of Ronald McDonald.

Now, since the AMPUTATION, the only thing left I can do is to take him to see the new movie ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ because I heard the kid who plays Ron has red hair.


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