Handwritten page of a diary dated December 25, 1971

and he did ask for a more mod suit to wear to college dances. A darker blue would’ve been better, but at least now maybe he will get rid of the plaid one he usually wears, which makes  him look as dopey as Grandpa Johnson. (OF COURSE he will still look like a weirdo with that dumb mustache). But until he unwrapped his presents this morning I didn’t know he also asked Grandma for the stupidest 45 ever recorded, namely Chick-a-Boom. I could’ve told him about ten thousand records that would be so much less embarrassing to take to the dorm, but he heard that song on my transistor and he kept talking about it. Ick.

Now the whole family is walking around like a line of drunken chorus girls singing Chick a boom chick a boom don’t you jus love it. With Uncle Harold singing the ooh ahh part. I think I might die.

I must admit there was one thing that made me laugh. Grandma Johnson (in her polka dot dress) volunteered to sing the first verse, and it’s pretty funny to see her holding an ice cream scoop up to her mouth like a microphone and singing “Last night I had a crazy dream about a chick in a black bikini.”


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  1. I saw it all – just like a little movie. Now, off to find ‘Chick-a-Boom’….

    • Thanks! I just hope you’ll still feel kindly after that song has embedded itself in your brain like it has in mine.

    • DONT DO IT!!! Get “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band instead…:) hahaha now THAT will be stuck in your head…. Sorry!

  2. Just what is that lady on the right staring at? She is creepin’ me out BIG TIME…

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