Give us a smile

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 29, 1965

 ‘Those kids in your class are not so friendly looking.’
She said ‘They weren’t really so bad. We just had to sit there a long, long time that day in our good clothes and it took the place of our playtime (I think she meant recess), so they were quite fed up.’
Leave it to my grandma to say something nice about people who didn’t look like they deserved the benefit of the doubt.
I told her she was the only one smiling, and she picked up her little glasses on a stick and looked at it again and said, ‘No, look, that lass in the middle is trying to smile.’
I said, ‘Don’t you remember her name?’ but she said it was almost 50 years ago and she’s met a lot of people since then and you can’t remember everybody’s name.
She grew up in the country of England so I asked her if she knew Benjamin Disraeli, which is a guy we studied in school, but she said he was a little before her time. So I told her he was a prime minister AND he wrote romance books. In History, I asked Mrs. Belman and she said none of our U.S. presidents have done that. I told grandma that our president, Mr. Lyndon Johnson, doesn’t look like he ever had a romantic thought in his life, but she said, ‘Oh, I don’t know. You might be surprised.’


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