Female criminal

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 1, 1968

new show called the MOD SQUAD and it’s pretty good. It almost makes me want to be an undercover cop. I say almost because my real goal is to become a glamorous criminal, which I hadn’t thought of doing until my uncle gave me a box of comic books from his attic. They’re titled CRIMES BY WOMEN. He said he liked them when he was about my age and I said why did you like them if they’re about girls? and he said he liked girls so why wouldn’t he want to read about everything they did, even crimes?
I have to admit some of the stories are pretty corny but they also gave me ideas about how I could pull off some capers. When I was little I watched Dragnet and learned that you can only get caught if you have eyewitnesses OR you leave some blood at the scene and it’s not the victim’s blood type which doesn’t really matter to me since I’m not intending to hurt anyone anyway. I just want to get a lot of money for fast cars and a cool pad where I can throw parties and if it has a sunken living room and a swimming pool then that’s all the better. And I’d like to wear a diamond tiara to the parties and hold a long cigarette holder. The truth is that smoke makes my eyes hurt so I won’t light the cigarettes. I just like the way Audrey Hepburn looked when she carried one around.
Also if someone needs revenge, like in the movie CAT BALLOU the way Jane Fonda was all mad about someone killing her father. Jane Fonda got her own gun but I know some girls who wouldn’t do that — I could help them with those kinds of problems.


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