Nurse’s office

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 24, 1963

always wondered this, but now I can say for sure that it is really really strange to hear your own name called out on the little speaker. Of course I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong to see the principal for, so it did cross my mind that Mom had been in a grisly car accident or something. But no. It was only my sister who needed to be taken home because she had a “belly ache” and they couldn’t reach Mom so they called me in.
I must admit it was fun to take a few hours off school and of course I did milk this thing for all it was worth. One of the things was, at bedtime I said I wasn’t sure I’d be able to sleep due to thinking about how after all the hours and hours of dullness I sat through at this school maybe this woulda been the one afternoon when I was finally about ready to learn something really important that mighta changed my whole life. So she let me stay up late and watch Johnny Carson.


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