‘little silhouetto of a man’

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 17, 1976

leave your kid with me for 45 minutes? Are you crazy? The combined total of what I know about taking care of kids is something like ZERO.

Just because I’m working in my dad’s boring office this summer doesn’t mean that if you have an appointment with him, I’m your free babysitter. And you’d think he would have a box of toys or something for these situations, but, as Steve Martin would say, “but NOOOOOO.”

This poor kid today only had one toy with him some little wobbly plastic doll guy, so I put it on the floor and shined a light on the back of him to make it all dramatic. The fun of that only lasted about 49 seconds, and then the kid looked at me like he was thinking “Yeah. What now?”

So I started singing “I see a little silhouetto of a man, skaramoosh, skaramoosh, will you do the fandango,” and he laughed his head off Man. I don’t think he was laughing because he knows that’s a pretty funny song by Queen. I think he was laughing because I gave him my high voice that I’ve only ever used in the shower. Then when I went on he just stared at me. He didn’t laugh again till I sang more high parts — “will not let you go.”


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