Beanie Babies will make us rich

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 16, 1999

said if I would take a picture with my new camera, she would get all the Beanie Babies off the shelf. She started out arranging them very carefully on her bed, but then she got the idea that she wanted to be in the middle of them all, so she asked Nicole (since Nicole is tall enough to reach the top shelf) to put them all around her. Then there was a little crisis because she couldn’t find her white chicken, and she wanted to hold that one, but I dug it out for her.

I always act very patient with Grandma, because when she does get rich, I want to be on her good side. She says even though she spent a lot of money on these Beanie Babies, some day they are going to be worth “a staggering sum.” Her biggest wish is to stroll by the Eiffel Tower on her way to eat fancy pastries and she said whoever would take French would get to go with her as a translator. Nicole decided to take a computer programming class instead, but I think I’ll have a brighter future if I stick with French, even though the second semester of it is also taught by Madame Relnick. When that Beanie Baby money rolls in, and I’m living in a Paris villa, Nicole will be sorry that she has to spend her days sitting in a cubicle looking at long lines of zeros and colons and backslashes.


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