blind date with a scab

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 2, 2010

scab is so big it has hairs growing out of it. It’s so big it has mountains and valleys. It’s so big it has every color of brown there is to have.

when we first met at the restaurant he mentioned it and I asked him how he’d gotten such a big gash and he told me. but even half an hour later when his arm was just laying there on the table I couldn’t stop staring at it, trying to estimate how long that scab would last, what kind of scar it might leave, whether he had picked at any of that dry skin on the sides. I started seeing the shape of a bug with two giant eye sockets, swimming in a pool of pink water.

he’s a great guy, but I’m afraid if he tries to kiss me tonight, I”ll freak out if I see the scab lunging toward me.


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