Without a trace

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 17, 2000

because if this was on TV, cops would surround the car to question me and they’d think I was lying when I told them I have no idea why.

We were just on a road trip with no particular destination.
Did you have an argument?
The worst argument we had was whether there was any good reason for Madonna to remake the song American Pie.
Did he mention having any problems?
No. Nothing serious enough to make him stop the car and start running across an open field. Fast. And not return for 15 minutes.

It’s so hot. My mom would say if we had an egg we could fry it on the pavement. I’ve opened the door and closed it three or four times. I’m not sure which way is hotter. Hey mom, if only we had a roast we could bake it in this car.

His cell phone was in his pocket and I forgot mine today. Of all days. He left the keys in the ignition, but what do I do? How long before I just start driving away?


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