the baby the baby the baby

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 2, 2002

and sure, the new niece is cute, but everyone is just staring at her ALL the time. I started wondering what Justin was doing.

I found him in his room playing some video game. He kept crashing his car off the road, so I told him if he ever got his real-life driver’s license I was going to move to a different town. I asked him why he wasn’t out there at the party and he said “the baby the baby the baby.” I said “Yeah” and he said  “Hey everybody look how cute the baby is” and I laughed. I told him they used to do the same thing when he was a baby and he said “Really?” I said “Sure, I couldn’t get any attention around this place if I stood on my head and played the fiddle.”

Then he paused the computer and started listening to me talk. No matter what I said, he stared at me and nodded, even when I talked about how showers used to have a good hard spray and you could really get rid of a headache or work the kinks out of your back muscles but now we have these crappy low-flow shower heads that just trickle a drop of water on you about once a minute. So I just kept talking and talking. Even I run out of things to say eventually, so I started this game, asking him questions. Like “Which would you rather do: go to school wearing only your Rugrats underwear — OR — eat a pizza with dead worms on it?”


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