Bomb shelter

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 4, 1960

proud to be the only one in the neighborhood with a bomb shelter, and he wants to document it. He’s up on the roof of the garage and wants us to keep smiling, but I’m looking down on the ground. I’ve said to him a few times if the Russians bomb us, we might as well just go out on the patio and watch the pretty fireworks and not prolong the agony for the few days it would take the radiation to seep through that metal door on our shelter.
I was looking down and thinking how stupid this was, when all of a sudden I got an idea. If I can get myself a key to this bomb shelter, it might just be the perfect place for Donald and me to go for a makeout session!!!! Much better than trying to sneak him into my bedroom window (he keeps bringing up that idea and I say it’s too risky).
Dear Russians, I think you have solved my problem. Thanks for threatening to bomb us!!!


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