The Raisin Bran sun

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 30, 2007

  looked down at my glass and saw a face looking back at me. I tried to show Benny, but he didn’t see it. I said look, the eyes with big eyebrows and look at the mouth. Benny said if that’s a mouth, then the guy looks like he’s smoking a lit sparkler. I said yeah but other than the sparkler, it looks like the sun on the front of the Raisin Bran Crunch box. He said the sun on the Raisin Bran box is yellow. I said well yeah, the drink is red instead of yellow and the sun is smoking a lit sparkler, but otherwise it looks like it.
Then Benny said his favorite cereal box was Quisp because the character was an alien with a beanie copter coming out of his head, and I said they haven’t made Quisp since the late ’70s, and he said “I beg to differ. You can buy it online now.” And while he was showing it to me on his laptop, we ordered a box.


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  1. I was a Quake man myself… And just to make it easy for your minions:

  2. I don’t remember Quake, but (and I hate to brag) I did get to tour the Quaker Oats plant in Cedar Rapids and I bet I got a free sample of it.
    btw, thanks for leading me to a site that’s making me want to order hundreds of dollars worth of candy and gum.

    • Just like count chocula had frankenberry and boo berry as counterparts , quisps foil was Quake, a human with a cape and a goofy hat, not unlike me in the Hawkeye Maching Band….be sure to stock up on wax lips.

      • What are you? psychic? I had my eye on the wax lips!

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