Blue plate special

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 30, 1988

asked her what was for dinner and she said “The blue plate special” and I said what’s a blue plate special and she said “You never heard of a blue plate special?” and I said no and she looked at me funny so I guess it was something that was very very popular in the olden days.

It turned out the blue plate special is meat loaf (gag me) but at least it was ok after pouring on about all the ketchup in the world. Her baked potatoes are better than my mom’s too.

First she got out a special plate that was blue and let me set that one at my place on the table. I said this looks like the Blue Brick Road, and she said “Huh?” and I said you know — like the yellow brick road only light blue. She said “Yeah I guess it does” and handed me a bowl of peas. I took a big helping of them, which confused her since I usually complain about peas. But then when I started lining them up on the blue brick road, she understood, and I gotta give her credit because she didn’t try to stop me like my mom woulda.


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