Plump lips

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 26, 1998

…  because when I met Jenny it’s the first thing I noticed. I mean my sister constantly tells me that I should notice a woman’s personality, which I do, but hey, I’m a guy. I can’t help it. We’re visual. We notice physical things about women so sue me.

Jenny has a good body and all (no. good doesn’t even cover it!) but her lips are outstanding. They reminded me of this new actress I saw in Rolling Stone. Angelina somebody. With noticeably good lips.

Jenny’s roommate is a photographer, so I told them to take some pictures of Jenny’s lips for me — which I thought would be great. Then Jenny gave me the photo as a Christmas present. Poster-sized. The only problem is it’s not as appealing as I expected. I mean lip gloss yeah. Go lip gloss. But in that picture her mouth has gone from a nice degree of moistness and all the way over to looking slobbery.


Original image:
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