Too much Red Bull

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 9, 1998

…  had to drag me to this party last night. Most of them this summer have been so lame because everyone still thinks doing the Macarena over and over again is going to entertain us. I was tired of that a year ago.

But then I got there and it wasn’t bad at all and I even let Jess talk me into wearing our weird hats we bought when we made the mistake of going shopping after drinking too much of our new discovery — Red Bull.

Anyway this party had a FLAMING JUMPROPE, which I almost tried. I used to be very good at jumping rope in the old neighborhood till we moved here and everyone thinks it’s totally UNcool. Then Jess (hopped up again on Red Bull) got the idea that she was going to try it but you know how much experience she had? Exactly none. Which is why I didn’t want her to do it because SERIOUSLY the burn unit at St. Francis is not my idea of a fun Saturday night.

Luckily I talked her out of it and the best part is we now have a photo that looks like she has a streak of fire piercing through her head.


Original image:
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