Today he’s not gonna party even though it’s 1999

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 24, 1999

…  because I like to walk beside the house with the trees that are clipped in rounded shapes. What do you call that? There’s a name for it I think.
Today I saw a person walking two frufru dogs but was the person walking them a man or a woman? Don’t ask me.
I looked up and saw a kid but when I first saw him I said is he sitting on top of a bush? No. There’s a balcony up there.
Is he all hunched over a laptop computer? Yes he sure is. I yelled up and said why are you wasting such a nice day looking at a tiny screen? What kind of dirty look was that he gave me?
I said it’s just some dumb game isn’t it? Are you pretending to be in a submarine trying to steer away from torpedoes? Why aren’t you in a park moving your body around?
Doesn’t that kid know the world could end in a few months? Does he want to spend his last few months sitting still?


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