Look Ma, no hands

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 16, 1974

…  up in my room trying to practice my tap-dancing routine to the stupidest song on the planet earth. (Miss Alexis said we could vote for a song from the last few years that had a good rhythm to it so I nominated Smoke on the Water and she looked at me all horrified, so I said Right Place But it Musta Been the Wrong Time by Dr. John and she said maybe. Someone wanted Bad Bad Leroy Brown, but she said it has the word DAMN in it. This is how we ended up with Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree) (So dumb!).

Norman comes in and watches me for a while and I say Get out — but of course he doesn’t. I stop dancing and say Would you mind telling me why you have your wrists taped to your pockets. He says It’s a long story. I say How did you get that scratch on your ear? and he says That’s another long story.

Later mom says they dragged him along when they went blueberry picking but he didn’t want to help. They asked him why and he said because he saw a guy on TV with no arms and he was spending 24 hours not using his arms or hands to see what it would be like. They thought it was just an excuse, but I said Nope, I have a feeling it’s real.


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  1. Silly child… Doesn’t she know the ABSOLUTE stupidest song is Paper Lace’s “The Night Chicago Died”? Tap dance to THAT!

    • I agree you’re in the right neighborhood, both with the date and the song’s general dopiness. BUT I just looked it up, and your song was released on June 15, 1974, only one day before this post was written!!!!! So it couldn’t have fully seeped into her brain yet, the way it later did into yours and mine.

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