Mom’s evil eye

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 2, 1999

called Grandma and asked her if I could live there. She said Hell no you can’t live here, and she asked me if I was off my nut. I said Come on Grandma. She said I could spend the weekend. Then she said “Final answer” because she loves that new show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” with Regis.

When I got there, she sat me down and put her arm around me and said Tell Grandma. I said I am so tired of that look Mom gives me, like she always thinks I’ve done something wrong. And Grandma said Your mom was born with that look. I said No, babies are not judgmental. She laughed, and then said Wait wait wait, and she ran to get a baby picture of my mom.

And Grandma was right! Mom really did look like a baby who would let you know if you got on her nerves. Grandma said she thinks we can blame Johnny’s Seafood Palace because when she was pregnant with Mom she ate the seafood combination platter there and got food poisoning. I said Yeah that could explain a lot. And we both nodded to each other.


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