OK, I’ll run for president

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 16, 1964

used to wonder for all those years about what it would be like to take a train trip. Yesterday I finally got my wish because the car broke down right before we were going to grandma’s house so we can swim there for a few weeks before they send us back to prison which is how I refer to Washington Junior High.

Eating in the dining car was fun, trying to see whether the waiters would spill something when we hit a bump. And the food was delicious, I’m not kidding. But then we were back in our seats and there was a baby who wouldn’t stop crying in the seat behind us. Mom said “Maybe you should run for president some day so we could have our private car with no screaming children.” She said once she saw in the encyclopedia a picture of Abraham Lincoln’s fancy car he got to ride in for his train trips.

I said OK, I’d run for president and then she said “Wait you have to think things through more than that. You know what happened to Abraham Lincoln?” I said “He freed the slaves.” She said “Yes but a crazy person shot him just like a crazy person shot John F. Kennedy last year.”

I am sure starting to learn that a lot of times when you get something good then something bad comes right along with it.


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