‘My Sharona’

Handwritten page of a diary dated Feb 9, 1980

because I’m not a guy who believes in that stuff. But peer pressure wins sometimes. Yes, Gregg and Cal talked me into it (and it didn’t hurt that Gregg said he’d pay for the reading).

I sat down first and the guy starts to shuffle his tarot cards. Then he puts them down and says ‘ohhh you’ve got a lot on your mind. I won’t even need these.’ And I guess the crystal ball was just for show because he didn’t even look into it once. He just touched my hands and right away said ‘you are crazy in love with Wendy’s new salad bar,’ and Gregg said ‘Dude, yes he IS. He LOVES that thing.’ And then he said someday Wendy’s will scrap their salad bar — for sure before the year 2000.

Fortune teller said ‘You like a song that sounds something like … Sharona’ and Gregg said ‘Dude you are so right, he rewinds the tape a thousand times in the car to hear My Sharona.’ Fortune teller says ‘Sorry, but that group will never sing another song that you like.’

Now that I think of it he didn’t say anything about love or health or career stuff. He just kept predicting the end of all the little things I care about.


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