Chew gum and drink Tab

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 27, 1974

…  and course Grandma will want to watch Guy Lombardo and all us cousins will want to watch Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve so we’ll have to take turns getting up and changing the channel back and forth.

But Grandma already did one really really nice thing. Cindy and I told her we were trying to lose weight and we were worried about all the snacking we always do during the holidays. Really, Mom only lets us have potato chips occasionally, but the only time she lets us have potato chips and dip is on New Year’s Eve. Plus usually we only get Kool Aid, and once in a great while we get to split a bottle of Pepsi, but on New Year’s Eve we each get our own bottle!

But Grandma said this year, since our cousins’ party on New Year’s Eve is at her house, she would get Tab instead of Pepsi. She also had some ideas of stuff we could snack on that would be good but not too fattening. She got a special catalog and ordered some treats from a company in Ohio. I wonder what they are.


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  1. Tab? TAB???!! What, no Fresca???

    • First you need to wean yourself on a drink that is, at least, still brown. Maybe if you had been in love with, say Bubble Up, you would wean on Fresca.

      • If you’re talking brown drinks , there is one and ONLY one worth mentioning… Yoohoo…. Say no more… Except maybe Ovaltine

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