‘Are we keeping you up?’

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 4, 2003

… then she said, “I thought I threw that photograph away a long time ago.”

We were all laughing our heads off and Tommy said, “Hey Mom were we keeping you up?”

So I said, “Hey Tommy were we keeping you from spitting up your lunch? You look like you got food poisoning from your jar of Gerber mashed peas.”

Then Tommy said, “How come when we look at this picture, no one ever says anything about Dad?”

So Mom said, “Hey Ernie, were we keeping you from going to the Rudolph Giuliani look-alike contest?”


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Polka dot boxers

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 4, 1961

said “who knew the picture would end up in the local newspaper?”

Good gracious, I feel terrible. We all been swimming all morning. Then we heard a rumor that a photographer was driving around the campground so I rushed around trying to get Larry and the kids to put on whatever clothes I could quickly get my hands on. I threw Larry a T-shirt and some shoes and socks and got the kids dressed as best I could. They were hungry and fussy though, so I was just getting them a little snack and a bottle of Coca Cola before I ran in to put some clothes on myself. That’s when the photographer drove by.

Now Larry is mad at me. He said “it would’ve looked more natural if I’d been wearing just my swimming trunks. Now it looks like I was walking around in my boxer shorts.” I said, “hey Bub, I’m wearing my bathing suit too you know” and he said “But you look good, like you’re ready to go swimming. In fact, I look a pervert wandering around without my dungarees to different camps and just staring from afar at pretty young mothers in their revealing swimming suits.”


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Hypnotized at the disco

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 18, 1975

finally says he will take me to the new disco place in Columbus and we’re dancing and minding our own business when this girl shows up beside us with a camera.

I look at her and she’s gazing at Scott like she wants to eat him for breakfast. And then I look at him and he’s staring at her like she’s transmitting waves from a radio station he’s been waiting to hear since the day he was born.

Well, I didn’t let go of him at first, but then I figured I might as well because I knew already that I had lost him. He gave me a ride home but I don’t expect to hear from him today, that’s for sure.


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The Jetsons could land their car here

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 4, 1964

because if I sit around at home Mom will say I oughta do something useful — like fix supper and wash dishes. So every day I take a bus and find somewhere good to walk around.

But today was the best of all because I found a neat building that looks like it could be on the Jetsons TV show. I mean it. George Jetson could land his flying car on the roof.

I wish I coulda been born in the future. When Mrs. Jetson wants to make supper she just chooses between a bunch of food listed on the machine. She punches a button and out comes something like Beef Sroganoff all steaming hot. I don’t even know why she needs a robot maid because there’s already a machine for everything.

I can’t wait for my future when I won’t have to wash dishes any more.


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