The Jetsons could land their car here

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 4, 1964

because if I sit around at home Mom will say I oughta do something useful — like fix supper and wash dishes. So every day I take a bus and find somewhere good to walk around.

But today was the best of all because I found a neat building that looks like it could be on the Jetsons TV show. I mean it. George Jetson could land his flying car on the roof.

I wish I coulda been born in the future. When Mrs. Jetson wants to make supper she just chooses between a bunch of food listed on the machine. She punches a button and out comes something like Beef Sroganoff all steaming hot. I don’t even know why she needs a robot maid because there’s already a machine for everything.

I can’t wait for my future when I won’t have to wash dishes any more.


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