‘Are we keeping you up?’

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 4, 2003

… then she said, “I thought I threw that photograph away a long time ago.”

We were all laughing our heads off and Tommy said, “Hey Mom were we keeping you up?”

So I said, “Hey Tommy were we keeping you from spitting up your lunch? You look like you got food poisoning from your jar of Gerber mashed peas.”

Then Tommy said, “How come when we look at this picture, no one ever says anything about Dad?”

So Mom said, “Hey Ernie, were we keeping you from going to the Rudolph Giuliani look-alike contest?”


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  1. I never realized Tom and Dick Smothers had a brother Ernie!!

  2. What it looks like to me is that Ernie just just passed a little, or a lot of, gas and Tommy is in the middle of of doing the same, only going a step further. Mom is ready to pass out from the god awful smell and you are just plain disgusted from having to endure it all. If you look closely, you can actully see a heavy haze in air between Mom’s and Ernie’s heads. Yep, I’m betting that they didn’t use that room again for a month or two.

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