My new orange pad

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 24, 1970

… and even if I’m going to be someone who lives in his parents’ basement for a while I’m still sooner or later going to have to bring over some “hah ah ah ah ah honky tonk women”. (I’m lucky there’s a door that goes into the basement from the back yard and I don’t have to parade my Cherie Amours in front of the old people. Yeah, you have to walk by the washing machine, but if I leave the light off and just kind of guide her in, maybe she won’t see it.)

Of course I didn’t want to bring down the kid stuff from my old bedroom upstairs. But I don’t have much money to jazz the place up. So my mom says you can do a lot with material. “You used to go to the fabric store with me all the time” my mom said. She said “You get several yards of whatever you like and spread it around and if you want some pillows, I’ll get out grandma’s old sewing machine.”

And for once she was right. I now have what is possibly the grooviest bedroom in the modern world.


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  1. “I don’t have to parade my Cherie Amours in front of the old people”

    I once knew a girl named Cheri. I wonder if it is the same one but she dropped the ‘e’ on the end? I didn’t know that her last name was ‘Amours’ at one time though.

  2. “…and as soon as I hang the bead curtain and get the backlight posters up my life will be complete”

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