Indoctrination room

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 22, 1985

tour finished in the basement and Rocky said Let’s get outa here, get on the elevator. I looked at it and said Doesn’t look like an elevator to me and he said What do you think it is? Mikey said he thought it was a tanning booth, and Rocky said Yeah I’m not taking my shirt off and sitting that close to you guys. I said I think it looks like a little room where they tell us to sit down and then the door slams shut and locks and that fluorescent light turns red and they start playing really bad songs over that speaker, you know, like Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and then they begin the indoctrination process. The guys laughed so I said Oh yeah? if it’s an elevator, why does it have a concrete floor? Rocky went over there and said that’s not a concrete floor, that’s a dirty gray rug.


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