New improved dog

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 9, 1995

… read this book to me that she found in the attic. I said that kid is about my age and gets to sleep with a dog in the bed why can’t I? Then she said that kid has a long skinny dog but if Maxwell slept in your bed, you would be pushed out on the floor. I said let’s get a skinnier dog like Murray. Then she said who’s Murray? I said he’s that yellow dog on the TV show you like. Then she said what TV show? I said that show with the guy and the blond lady and the blond dog named Murray in their apartment. Then she said oh you mean Mad About You.

If I had this yellow dog I would also want a hat with a green stripe and a red feather to put on the bedpost and I would open the curtain so I could have the stars shining on me all night long.

Then she said if we got a dog like that we would have to get rid of Maxwell. I said ok and she said hey we went to the shelter and you were the one who picked Maxwell out and I said yeah but that was when he was small and he’s now too big and he bats his big whomping fat tail in my face. Then she said you can’t just throw out your dog when he’s not so cute any more. Then she said are you going to throw me out when I get old and get gray hair? I thought it would be funny if I said yes Mom I am going to. But I’m not exactly that stupid. So I didn’t say anything. Which is sometimes the smartest way.


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