Handwritten page of a diary dated March 2, 2002

…  said “Grandma, don’t be so cheap about it.” She said “I’m not cheap. I’m FRUGAL. We don’t waste food.” But I finally promised to bring the carrots back unharmed and she said OK. Then when we wanted her to come see the finished snowmen, she said “You had to build them out in the back 40?” and I said “What’s the back 40 mean?” and she said “Never mind.” We all got a big laugh because when she was putting on her boots she called them “rubbers” and she said it about three times!! I knew she would like it if the biggest snowman was drinking Dr Pepper since she drinks it too and calls it her “one vice,” but even after she smiled, she had to complain about something so she said “That’s your dad’s good wool hat and it’s going to be soakin’ wet.” But she did stay a while looking at it and when we were walking back to the house, she said “Job well done.”


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