Purple wedding dress

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 12, 1982

…  if we don’t get that money somehow, we won’t get tickets for the ZZTop concert.

But Mari had an idea. She said what’s the saddest thing you can think of? I said dead puppies? She said no no no, shut up while I think. And then about 15 minutes later (yes, I was getting bored just sitting there quiet) she said WEDDING DRESS, NEVER WORN. I said I don’t get it. She said the plan is this: We go to the Salvation Army shop and look for a wedding dress that looks still new and we pay around $10 for it. Then we put a want ad in the paper that says “Wedding dress for sale, never worn because I was left at the altar, but it’s pretty as can be and I’ll let it go for $50 because I think it will bring you more luck than it brought me.” That would give us $40 profit — enough for the tickets.

When we went to the Salvation Army, she wanted to buy this one that looked very new but I said MARI COME ON, KEEP LOOKING because the dress was purple not white! (And besides, that particular mannequin gave me the creeps like you wouldn’t believe)


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