Left behind

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 3, 1991

…  decided to move in with Maurice who she calls her “beau” so she said I could live in her house while I go to college BUT there are two conditions.

First, I have to finish cleaning it out, because she already took everything she wanted. And second, if Maurice turns out to be a worse guy than she’s expecting, she will turn right around and come back and we’ll have to live here together. So of course I’m praying for true true love between them (ha, he doesn’t actually have to treat her too good to surpass the husband skills of Uncle Roy, so I think I’m safe for a while).

At first I thought she mighta even left something good behind, or at least interesting, but so far it’s just a massive collection of Michael Bolton albums, a bunch of old Barbie dolls, a big round plastic machine (maybe it’s a centrifuge like forensics scientists use to spin around DNA samples), and scattered around all over the place are about 500 various birthday cards that were never written on or mailed.

I did find a manilla envelope full of letters to Uncle Roy from some woman in West Virginia. I only read one so far, and she sure didn’t have very good spelling skills, but I might read some more some day, because she sounds like an interesting character and she pressed her lipstick on there instead of signing her name at the end.


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