Romeo and Juliet

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 4, 1996

…  then I go back over to her apartment and there’s a sign on the door and I’m afraid to knock.

It started out as one of the best dates I’ve ever had — but then she said she liked Snoop Doggy Dogg and I said “Really?” Then we had some more good conversation but I kept saying “Really? You like Snoop Doggy Dogg? Really?” And she said maybe I should just leave, but I got her talking about the Rain Forests again. I guess I was quieter than before because then she said “You’re still thinking about Snoop Doggy Dogg aren’t you?” and I said “Yeah sorry but I am. I can’t help it.” I mean she liked other music that I do like but I couldn’t get over thinking maybe she was too young for me.

I guess that sign on the door could’ve been put there by somebody in one of the other apartments. But I noticed she has a computer printer in her apartment so I bet she made that sign after I left in case I tried to come back. Which I did.

Then I walked out in the street and looked up and she was looking out the window. Now I know how old Romeo felt looking up there at Juliet.


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Male model

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 25, 1983

…  so embarrassing that we couldn’t just get our pictures taken at school like the rest of the whole wide world but of course Dad thought it would be CHEAPER if we were both in the same picture and he only had to buy one set instead of two. And an even more embarrassing thing was that mom made us some matching outfits. And then on the day we went to the studio the man kept saying that James was so good at posing as if he was BORN to do this and I asked him if I should smile? and he ignored me and said I think James has a future in this business. And I said models are girls and he said no no no no there are a lot of male models and I think you’re looking at one right now standing next to you. And now all the time James is walking around our house posing for imaginary magazine covers. All I can hope for is that the picture gets sent to us and it shows that I look photogenic and James looks as stupid as he really is.


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Girls rule, boys drool

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 30, 1957

…  used to think my brother was the dumbest kid in our class but then we had to pose for this picture with Jack and now I think he is also dumb too. He is quite a cute blonde-haired boy of course I noticed that a long time ago. But he was so fussy that day. He kept saying his hands would get all sticky with watermelon juice unless they gave us a fork and I said Come on Jack it doesn’t matter — it’s a party!!!

I mean really. My brother is still sooooo dumb but at least he doesn’t cause trouble at a party.


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Pretend you’re dancing

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 2, 1966

boy-girl birthday party was kind of a success EXCEPT two things that went horribly terrible.

1. Jill showed up wearing slacks when I TOLD her about a million times that we were all going to wear skirts. She didn’t even seem too concerned about it, but I was kind of embarrassed for her.

2. My mom went into a happy tizzy because it was the first time she met Tommy. He wanted to make a good impression on her, so he wore a sport jacket and tie (which was above and beyond the call of duty). Right in front of him she said we were “a cute couple in SPITE of me wearing enough eyeliner for about ten normal girls and Cher — of Sonny and Cher fame.” That was bad enough but then later she sent my Uncle Harry in to the rec room to take pictures and he made us all stand still in a pose, including some of us pretending to dance when there wasn’t even a record on at the time! The other five didn’t seem to mind it too much — except me. I was only pretending to smile when actually I felt like crawling under the couch!


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