Male model

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 25, 1983

…  so embarrassing that we couldn’t just get our pictures taken at school like the rest of the whole wide world but of course Dad thought it would be CHEAPER if we were both in the same picture and he only had to buy one set instead of two. And an even more embarrassing thing was that mom made us some matching outfits. And then on the day we went to the studio the man kept saying that James was so good at posing as if he was BORN to do this and I asked him if I should smile? and he ignored me and said I think James has a future in this business. And I said models are girls and he said no no no no there are a lot of male models and I think you’re looking at one right now standing next to you. And now all the time James is walking around our house posing for imaginary magazine covers. All I can hope for is that the picture gets sent to us and it shows that I look photogenic and James looks as stupid as he really is.


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