Fuchsia or magenta?

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 3, 2010

…  in New York on my own and decided to eat lunch at the first sidewalk cafe I saw. I almost left when the menu had so many words I’d never seen, but I thought, no, I’m being adventurous today, so when the waiter came, I pointed to a word I didn’t understand.

Well, the bread looked good and I was thirsty enough to drink some water and some Coke, but the stuff in the bowl had me perplexed. I don’t even know of any food that is that hot pink color. The guy at the next table looked friendly enough, so I asked him if he knew what it was, but he said “It looks like the tempera paint we used in grade school” and I had to agree. He said “Is that fuchsia? I never know what color fuchsia is” and I said “I think fuchsia is a bit more purple. I think this is closer to magenta. Cream of magenta soup.”

He dared me to take a bite and I said if he used a clean spoon, I’d rather he took a bite first and he did it!!! He said it was good, but a little sweet. I said, “Oh, I bet it’s beets. I hate beets” and asked him if he wanted it. Then he said he hadn’t eaten any of his soup yet so we could trade, and since his soup looked like a color found in nature, I agreed.


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