Green snot

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 2, 1963

told me it was embarrassing enough to cry like baby in front of everybody and I shouldn’ta made one of my drawings about it and I said – Grandpa, I gotta draw, I’m an artist, the drawings just come outta me all the time (the way that green snot came out of your nose). Ha ha, nope I didn’t say that last part about the snot but it woulda been funny and he usually laughs at my jokes and my drawings. He once said that when the guy who draws the Beetle Bailey comics retires, they oughta call me up and give me the job.
All yesterday after school I couldn’t get him to laugh at anything if my life depended on it, and I decided the only thing that might cheer him up would be if I offered to go bowling with him tomorrow because no one will go with him any more and he should appreciate my sacrifice because bowling is not my A-number-one choice of a good way to spend a perfectly good Saturday afternoon. Especially when I had plans to go again to see BYE BYE BIRDIE again. If I’m about to give up an afternoon with Ann Margaret today that old man better give me a big smile.


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