Party like it’s 2015

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 1, 2015

…  because when he was young he called it Sparkler Day instead of July Fourth. I remind him of it every July thinking it will embarrass him but it never does. (The time he WAS embarrassed was when he made fun of me at school so I told everyone that he still has a huge crush on Katy Perry who is really old and now dating one of the … oh you know that boy band with the … oh, who am I kidding, I never heard a single song of theirs but I guess they were a big deal a while ago).

He loves sparklers and he hates that he can only have them twice a year (that includes his birthday when he insists we use sparklers instead of birthday candles). But last night he got out our computer projector at 11:50 p.m. and showed us a New Year’s video he made and sure enough (right at midnight) he has a spectacular sparkler show (and a Katy Perry song in the background).


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“The Hobbit” treehouse

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 4, 1950

… you know when you’re reading a book and you can’t even enjoy it because you have to pay closer attention because you have to write a book report about it? That’s what this trip to Japan reminds me of. My teacher expects me to come back next month and spout out information like “People often compare the size of Japan with California, which has 164,000 square miles, but Japan only has 145,000 square miles.” Well that one is actually true I think but I’ll probably forget everything else I’ve learned when I have to give a speech in front of Mrs. DUMBER, ha ha I mean Mrs. Dummer.


Yesterday we were driving along and I saw a big old treehouse by the side of the road and I asked my dad if he could make the driver stop. Finally something a kid would really like — a treehouse that looked like Bilbo Baggins lived there. “The Hobbit” is the best book I ever read really. I wish they would make a movie about him because Bilbo is a lot lot neater than Mighty Joe Young who was in a movie I saw last year.


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Art deco bus

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 13, 1962

…  told me we were going on a bus tour and I about died. Boring times ten! But it turns out this bus was really old and I felt like maybe Greta Garbo could’ve taken a ride in the olden days in this very seat where I was sitting.

After Marilyn Monroe died last summer I read somewhere that she is the actress with the most charisma of all time. But I think not as much as the smoky and wonderful Greta Garbo or even Lauren Bacall (especially when she was talking to Humphrey Bogart). There was this starlet named Geraldine De Vorak who got to play Garbo’s double for a while and she looked so much like her that she started to get full of herself and started acting like a big star. But she didn’t have the charisma so not very many people have ever heard of her. When I get to Hollywood some day I’ll be very dark and mysterious BUT I won’t get conceited.


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