‘The West Wing’

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 27, 2001

…  guy I met in the cafeteria at work. We talked for about an hour and a half (even though I knew Nola would be really mad that I took a long lunch (which she was at first) (but I got out of it by telling her there was a new single guy in there today) (and since Nola’s been married a long time and she likes to live vicariously through my flirting, I can sometimes get away with murder). This guy just started working here but he told his supervisor he needed three weeks off to go to Mozambique to help flood victims and I told Nola that I said to this guy — “for a nickel, I’d go with you” and Nola said that guy should’ve reached in his pocket and found a nickel and put it on the table in front of me. Of course that would’ve been great but it never works that way in Real Life. The GUY is never the romantic one. It’s like on that “West Wing” when Donna is telling Josh about an old boyfriend who found out she had a car accident but he stopped to get a beer on his way to the hospital. Josh says “if you were in a car accident I wouldn’t stop on the way to the hospital for a beer” and Donna says “If you were in a car accident I wouldn’t stop on the way to the hospital for a red light.” Wow.

OK, the woman said the more romantic thing (of course) but I looked it up and the guy who writes all the “West Wing” shows is Aaron Sorkin (a MALE) and it did come out of his brain, so maybe there are a few out there.


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  1. I do believe that women are more romantic. Take my ex-wife for an example. She has two ex-husbands, a current husband and at least one ex-boyfriend (while she was with me)– that’s a lot of romance if you ask me.

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