When Johnny comes marching home

Johnny comes marching home

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 3, 1945

…  offered to go to the train station with me. Johnny said later he was hoping I’d be there alone to meet him, but I was terribly nervous. I only knew him for a month before we got married and then he was off to fight the Germans. After about a year went by, I started wondering if I knew him well enough to be married at all.

Betty and June said they’d go with me. June’s fiance Roy is kind of goofy, but he was nice enough to drive us into downtown Chicago and sit with us while we waited. Betty chose our seats, and of course I noticed she sat herself down right next to a handsome man wearing an expensive suit. Darned if she didn’t start up a conversation with him and get asked out on a date before we left.

Well. I shouldn’t have worried about Johnny at all. He’s been home for three days and things are mostly swell. He does snore, and I mean a kind of snoring that could wake up Franklin Roosevelt from his coffin in Hyde Park. But all the reasons I married him are slowly coming back to me.


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  1. You mean that I’m not the only one who can wake up the dead with their snoring?!

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