Flower child

flower child

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 8, 1998

…  trying to decide whether to go to the reunion because I know they’ll play songs from when we were in high school, and it has been my lifelong goal to never hear the Bee Gees sing ’Stayin’ Alive’ ever ever ever again.

But I keep thinking about Alan McConnell. We went to school together for three years and we were the only ones who didn’t buy into disco. It seemed like we were both trying to keep the peace and love thing alive even though it was flat dead by then. And I always wondered why we weren’t friends (or more). EVERY time I’d see him in the hall, we’d look at each other and I could feel something connecting us, like a red hot live wire of electricity. But I only saw him once outside of school. I was supposed to collect unusual leaves for an art project and I practically bumped into him in the middle of Thompson Park. It was the first time we talked and I still have no idea why it was the ONLY time we talked, since it was the single best conversation I’d had in the first 18 years of my life and it lasted four straight hours and then we planned to meet back there the next Saturday but he didn’t show.

I saw his name is on the list of people who have signed up to go to the reunion so I practically HAVE to go because now I’m not afraid to ask him why we never talked again after that one day. And I WILL find out — even if it means I have to hear ‘Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother you’re stayin alive, stayin alive. Ah ah ah ah stayin aliiiiiiiiive.’


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