Merry Christmas Florida-style

merry xmas Florida style

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 12, 1988

…  her xmas cards are NOT “awesome” like she keeps saying. As if I care what cards she sends out. She said the colors on the card remind her of Florida where she is saving up to buy a condo for her upcoming retirement. Florida Florida Florida. I picked up the phone today and I said “Hello” and it’s Grandma singing “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” by Gloria Estefan, and she’s lucky I even recognized what song it was considering she’s about the worst singer who was ever born in central New Jersey (and I’ve heard some bad ones in my school) (which is a good reason why our choir teacher needs to stop telling everyone that louder is always better).

I told Grandma that even if she chooses Miami instead of Tampa, I doubt if the condo she buys will be in Gloria Estefan’s neighborhood. Seriously. She said “I know that, but it is possible that I might run into her in a restaurant some day.”


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  1. I hope that if Grandma runs into Gloria Estefan that it isn’t with a car. Especially if it’s in a restaurant.

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