“come on strong!!”

%22come on strong!!%22

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 14, 1966

…  water balloon contest. And it was nice of him to take me inside his house since I was dripping wet. Their phone was ringing but before he answered it he pointed to a chest of drawers and told me to look in the bottom drawer if I wanted a dry shirt. I found his Beatles T-shirt (which is really too small for him anyway and I wish he’d tell me to just keep it) and this magazine page fell from the drawer onto the floor.

By the time he came in the room I had changed into his shirt (in the closet just in case) and I was reading the page. He said, “I don’t really read Playboy all the time – uh, sorry – but I know I’ll need a suit for the winter formal and I was going to ask you if you liked this blue one.”

I said “I don’t care if you read Playboy. I really don’t. But there is something wrong with this advertisement.”

He said, “You don’t like that guys hair …” and I said “Yes he looks like a squeaky clean Tony Curtis, but that’s not it either.” So he kept looking at it and couldn’t find anything wrong. So I finally told him about the book “The Feminine Mystique” which my aunt loaned me. But he obviously had never heard of it so I had to tell him the gist of it. Women don’t need for you to “come on strong with the exclamation points. They don’t need men to be in charge of everything.” I made him read the first sentence of the advertisement — which said “Get that DOMINATING feeling in the Forward Fashion Suit.” Then he asked if he promised that we went to prom as equal partners — then would I like the suit and I said “Sure. In that case. As long as you don’t comb your hair like Tony Curtis.”


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Buddy Rich vs. Keith Moon


Handwritten page of a diary dated January 8, 1972

…  asked for drum lessons, yes. But what I didn’t tell him is that I want to learn drums so I can be like Keith Moon. When I was a kid — must have been 6 or 7 years ago at least — I saw the Who play a couple of songs on the Smothers Brothers TV show, and Keith Moon changed my life. His arms moved so fast they were like a blur. I wanna do that.

But my dad wants me to be like Buddy Rich. He says, “Kid, if you get this going and have the career Buddy Rich had, we’re gonna be in Fat City I tell ya — livin’ on Easy Street.” Then I think he’s gonna shut up but he says when he was in high school he saw a picture in a magazine of Buddy Rich “wearing some kind of a rich guy robe and sittin’ there like he didn’t have a care in the world.” Then — right in front of my mom — he says “I wouldn’t have a care in the world if I coulda dated Lana Turner like he did.”

Well, I hate to tell him, but I saw Lana Turner in a movie once and she was ok, but I bet Keith Moon has much better looking groupies than old Lana.


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